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CU Marketing Campaign

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      Even though Friedrick had chosen to take the Fall Semester off, he was still considered a student because of his on-line classes.  Friedrick setup a Txtbus student group and CU-Transit center to sponsored printing of over 5,000 two sided color business cards for the 9 bus routes that college students used the most. [...]


Entreprenur.com Article

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Colorado Business Magazine

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Txtbus San Franciso

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Boulder is a very isolated and unique market.  We needed to figure out if our street tactics would work in a bigger city.  Friedrick, Ronnie, Jesse and Theron headed to San Francisco for a week in December to test their guerrilla marketing tactics.  Our efforts only attracted 214 users.    


Txtbus wins software product of 2007!!

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In November, 2007, Friedrick entered Txtbus in the Colorado Inventor Showcase run by the DaVinci Institute.  Friedrick thought it was more of a summit, but when told he had booth space to showcase his inventions he quickly called partners, Ronnie Rowcotsky and Jesse Forrest to bring marketing materials, computers and smiling faces to show off [...]


YouTube Video

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Facebook Marketing

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Facebook was already popular at CU had favorable responses to the January marketing.   Things had changed at Facebook though, they no longer allowed the student ad pages or rates that had been successful in the past. It was now time for the new smaller ads, which $1,000 later we found weren’t as good as the [...]


Conventional Marketing

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After RTD ordered us to Cease and Desist for our guerrilla marketing efforts we thought maybe we better play by the rules.


Tree House

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    With the recent orders to cease and desist and half our marketing still to be distributed, Txtbus went underground&, we moved the office off Pearl Street and into a 3 bedroom house off Walnut.  The Living room was converted into a 3 man office, pictured above.  With space in the kitchen and a [...]


Guerilla Marketing

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With over 3,000 customized stickers and 10 cans of spray chalk, the Txtbus team spent their nights putting stickers under desks in classrooms on campus, spraying messages at bus stops and putting stickers on lamp poles and bus stops.  We received orders to Cease and Desist from both the University and RTD.  Unfortunately most of [...]


Bad Experience with Chad Soliz

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We did not have a good experience working with Chad Soliz. It cost us nearly $12,000 and he didn’t even file the patent.  Don’t ever work with attorney Chad Soliz from Loveland Colorado!


Pearl St Office

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With the new shortcode agreement signed it was time to ramp up development to migrate to the new service. While Rizwan was working diligently working in Pakistan to convert to the RSS format. Ronnie and Friedrick were developing marketing in Basements and Kitchens at their college houses. Ronnie and Friedrick were working 8-12 hour days [...]



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Now that Txtbus version 3.0 was up and ready, it was time to work on branding the company.  Friedrick employed Lani Klaaphack and Ronnie Rowcotsky to begin working on new graphic designs.        


Txtbus 3.0 partner with 4INFO

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  By June of 2007, the $475 per month fee for shortcode access was becoming a huge expense, with no revenue coming in. Friedrick read an article about a new company, 4INFO, that just received venture capital funding to setup free access to a shortcode and provide advertising in the text message. Friedrick quickly partnered [...]


Investigation Trip to Europe

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In May, 2007 Friedrick Traveled to London, England and Zurich, Switzerland to investigate the text message systems in place in Europe. Friedrick discovered that the British transit system was a total mess of many different bus companies, schedules and confusion. Not much could be learned from them. Switzerland on the other hand has the most [...]


Bug Squashing

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As more people used the system, new errors were encountered.  Friedrick discovered that the GPS information from NextBus.com was not always reliable, sometimes no information was available and users would receive a text back that would say “No Arrival times Today” Other times users would have special signatures or make mistakes when texting in. Friedrick [...]


Txtbus Makes Campus Press

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a href=”http://cuindependent.com/2007/02/08/busing-in-the-21st-century/”>Click here to read the article online   New service texts bus riders when their bus is pulling up. If you are tired of waiting in the cold for the bus, txtbus.net may just be the solution for you. Txtbus is a free service that sends text messages with arriving bus times for a [...]


1st Marketing Campaign

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  A snow storm dumped over 14 inches of snow the first week of school that year, creating a huge demand for Txtbus. Friedrick launched is one-man marketing campaign with three tiers Facebook Advertising – Approximately 1000 clicks to the website. Friedrick printed and distributed about 50 stickers at the bus stops college students frequently [...]


First Short Code

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  Friedrick was encouraged by positive responses from family and friends.  Over winter break in 2006-07, Friedrick worked hard with the outsourced developers around the world to migrate the system from email to text messaging. He purchased access to a shortcode for a $2,000 setup fee and $475 a month. Friedrick setup a website and [...]


Demand for Txtbus increases

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    When Friedrick showed his bus riding friend’s the crafty solution to waiting at the bus stop they all wanted him to make codes for their bus stops.  As more and more people heard of the service, Friedrick was getting requests to add dozens more bus stops in Boulder. The service, dubbed “Txtbus” had [...]


Txtbus 1.0

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At the time Friedrick was Outsourcing software development for O.R. PEER to professionals all over the world via RentaCoder.com.  He posted a new project for setting up an automated system to tell him when the next would arrive at the stop closest to his house in Boulder, Colorado. It only took a few weeks to [...]


An idea is formed

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Friedrick quickly discovered some of the problems with public transportation when he was waiting in the rain for a bus that had broken. As he waited in the rain for the bus he was texting his girlfriend who had just moved to Switzerland.  He thought “If I can text message back and forth with someone [...]


Car Crash

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Friedrick was driving thru Wyoming on his way to Montana.  At about midnight, 10 miles outside of Casper, Wyoming, this four point buck was standing in the center of the road.  Friedrick quickly maneuvered the car to hit the deer with the center of the vehicle.  The car was totaled instantly and the deer was [...]

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