Mobile Monetizationi: The Basics

Posted by Friedrick on January 22, 2013 in Great Articles, Mobile Apps

Many of you have asked about this one… let’s talk about things to look for with a revenue-focused approach to setting up monetization strategies within mobile apps and websites.  This can get really advance and complex when fine tuning the user experience.  Most developer won’t get to an advance stage since it’s a time consuming process and only worth it when you have users in the millions.


There are two primary focus points that everyone looking to monetize mobile properties looks at.  You can branch from these in more depth.
Efficient Revenue: How much are you going to generate from 1000 unique impressions on your apps.  If you’re working with Tapgage, we provide you with eCPM as well as other metric to help you analyze and improve your eCPM (For details on what this is, check out the previous blog:  Mobile Advertising: The basics).
Reduce user drop-off: It’s not just about the bottom line.  When you build an app or a website, you put heart and soul into developing a product or service that your users like.  That is your “Value Proposition” for them, and that’s why they keep coming back.  Some apps/sites do this better than others and can maintain a good retention rate.  Many times what happens, when ads aren’t integrated effectively in these apps, you have user drop-off.  The key is finding strategies on maintaining a balance with the user and the ad.  For many free sites these are the 2 components that make up the business model.  As much as users may hate ads, they know it’s the only way to keep your content free.
Moment of intent – The last component we need to identify is the user and their intention.  Whether the intent is through providing relevant ads, specific to the categories/genres or finding the highest relative point of intent when the user is on your app/site.

Effective Monetization strategies

  1. Add an Interstitial when the app starts.  Before getting into the content you offer, recommend they try something new.
  2. Show the Interstitial at different intervals.  During a load screen, after they finish a game, or when they complete a level.
  3. Include a “More Apps” button in your main menu, which opens an app-wall to recommend them not only advertised games, but you can also promote your other apps in their for free “House Ads”.
  4. If you have In-App purchases (IAP), show ads to all your users using the first 3 methods throughout the game play until they make their first purchase.  With IAP a user is not generating any revenue until they make a purchase.  This allows you to monetize them until they do.
  5. Make sure you are analyzing your IAP conversions + Ad conversions and make sure to update your app with new content for them to see.
  6. Test the different Ad slot in your apps and find out what the highest converting slots are, these tests are to find out your users highest moment of intent in your app.

Categories of Apps

Any kind of app can monetize with ads, from games to utilities to education. Tapgage will test automatically test all kinds of ads on your app and tweak to display those ads that earn you the highest eCPM.
If you’re interested in learning more or working with us and improving eCPM, fill out a registration form on our site and an account manager will get back you to get started.

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